April 9, 2016


The “Cheap” way to do a reclaimed barn board feature wall.  Step 1.  Visit your local hardware store and buy rough cut pine boards.  Step 2.  Apply the boards to your wall.  Step 3.  Treat the wood with a “Magic Mixture”.  Step 4.  Watch the magic happen and enjoy the results!!


Every project is different and each one unique.  In this basement, we created a “secret door” to some general storage space.  The door is disguised as built in bookshelves, but easily opens and closes.  This also reduces the number of doors in a space, making it feel warmer and more welcoming.


A walkthrough of a recent basement project in Newmarket Ontario.  This began as an empty concrete space, cold and dark.  We finished with a high end, warm and bright space that will be enjoyed for years to come!


Often a new home builder will rough in the door frame to a garage during construction.  If the purchaser decides to opt for no door, they simply add a couple 2×6’s and drywall over the opening.  This makes it much easier to install the passage door down the road.  That was the case with this video.  In fact, the customer previously had another contractor in who hacked the drywall and vapour barrier before deciding it was “impossible” to add this door.  Well, that just shows, not all contractors are actually skilled.  Check up on references before you let someone come hack your house up!