Special Touches

Every Project, Large or small, requires something special and unique to set it apart.  Sure, you can go to the big box stores and buy all new (mass produced) fixtures and hardware, but in 5 years, will you really be happy with it?  I mean think about it.  Your bathroom is done, you just dropped $30,000 with a contractor and your besties come over to check it out.  You walk them in and it looks all pretty and new.  You say “isn’t it great, the cabinets were mass produced in China, the taps are cheap knock offs and the flooring is imitation marble!”  Ok, maybe you won’t say that at in all honesty, your bathroom will probably look great, just the same as everyone else’s!  The point is, every project needs something with a good story.  For example, we recently completed a basement renovation with a beautiful bathroom.  But instead of a standard vanity from the box stores, we custom build a live edge floating Walnut vanity top that literally looked like it was floating off the wall!!  So even though the tile, the toilet and the shower glass were all from standard mass produce suppliers, the vanity told a story.  It was a piece to be proud of, a story to tell your friends, a memory that the family will have forever.  So now they walk their friends through and there are immediate gasps of “oh my God!  That is amazing!!”  and they smile with pride as they begin to tell the story.


So when you choose a contractor, ask if they have any special ideas, any suggestions that will give you a great story to tell your friends!  And make sure you call us!  We have loads of ideas and experience to make your next project more than just a renovation!  We serve the greater York Region area and will even venture into Toronto or North to Barrie.