Feature Walls that POP

The standard wall in  Canada tends to be simple painted drywall.  While this is durable, smooth and appealing, it can tend to feel a little regular.  Normal so to speak.  As a result, feature walls have become a big thing.  Wether it’s wood, tile, wallpaper (yes, that’s right, wallpaper) or even barn board, a feature wall can add a lot of warmth and pop to your space.

Take this Barn Board feature wall we installed when we renovated our clients kitchen.  The tones and texture compliment the clean modern look of their kitchen while providing some warmth and depth that was otherwise lacking.

Another great option is to use wallpaper.  Now let’s get one thing clear, I’m not a fan of wallpaper throughout a house, but as a feature wall it can look amazing.  Take this bathroom for example, the wallpaper adds some elegance and style to what would otherwise simply be a nice bathroom.


So whatever your next project, take a little time to consider adding a great feature wall to your space.