February 12, 2016

Decks & Fences

What to do with your backyard.  You finally decide you are done with the old patio and the weeds that continue to grow through the cracks.  It’s time for a DECK!  Now what?  Planning your deck can be confusing.  Composite, Cedar, Pressure Treated??  What to do?  What’s the difference?  Don’t worry!!  We can help guide you through the process of designing and then building your custom deck.  There are alot of options out there.  Wether it is material, size, design, etc.  We will sit with you and find out what you really want and need.  We will design your custom deck and fence, provide you with a comprehensive quote and timeline and pull the necessary permits to ensure your project is as great as it should be.

We can also replace that old worn out fence that seems to lean more than the tower of pisa.  With great prices and great workmanship, the time to upgrade is NOW!

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