Choosing your Finishes

One of the best and worst things about a renovation is choosing the finishes.  Let’s face it, you are investing alot in a space that you want to enjoy for the next 20 years!

Let’s look at a bathroom renovation for example.  You have the layout, things are moving along and then the contractor asks you to pick out your tiles.  You head to the local tile superstore and are simply overwhelmed.  Thoughts flood in; “there are so many choices!”, “duh….”, and let’s not forget “I wonder if we can put our old bathroom back together?”.

This scenario plays out all too often – and we’ve not even thought about paint colours yet!  The good news, there are solutions!!

One of the easiest ways to choose your finishes is to hit the net and start looking at lots and lots of pictures!!  Find a few examples of bathrooms you love and then show your contractor.  They should be able to bring you a few samples that are right up your alley, taking the stress out of having to go shopping.  And if that fails, maybe you should be calling an interior designer!!