Choosing a Countertop Installer

One of the most important choices for your kitchen renovation is countertops.  Concrete, Marble, Granite, Quartz… the list goes on.  Each one with it’s pro’s and con’s.  Each with it’s own unique style and look.  But regardless of which material you select, your installer will make or break your countertop.  One thing every good installer Read more about Choosing a Countertop Installer[…]

3 Do’s and Do Not’s in Case of a Property Insurance Claim

So we are in the midst of an abundance of rainfall in the greater Toronto area.  And what usually happens when we get a month of rain in 24 hours?  You guessed it, flooding.  Wet stinky basements are often around the corner.  If you should happen to fall victim to this tragedy, there are a few Read more about 3 Do’s and Do Not’s in Case of a Property Insurance Claim[…]

Feature Walls that POP

The standard wall in  Canada tends to be simple painted drywall.  While this is durable, smooth and appealing, it can tend to feel a little regular.  Normal so to speak.  As a result, feature walls have become a big thing.  Wether it’s wood, tile, wallpaper (yes, that’s right, wallpaper) or even barn board, a feature Read more about Feature Walls that POP[…]

4 things to consider with a new deck

The snow is gone, the trees are budding.  The temperatures are warm and the flowers are blooming.  That’s right, it’s deck season!  But wait a minute, did all that cold and snow cover up your old rotting deck?  Or perhaps it was simply too small – held a bbq and you and nothing more?  Or Read more about 4 things to consider with a new deck[…]

Choosing your Finishes

One of the best and worst things about a renovation is choosing the finishes.  Let’s face it, you are investing alot in a space that you want to enjoy for the next 20 years! Let’s look at a bathroom renovation for example.  You have the layout, things are moving along and then the contractor asks Read more about Choosing your Finishes[…]

Special Touches

Every Project, Large or small, requires something special and unique to set it apart.  Sure, you can go to the big box stores and buy all new (mass produced) fixtures and hardware, but in 5 years, will you really be happy with it?  I mean think about it.  Your bathroom is done, you just dropped Read more about Special Touches[…]

5 Renovation Tips to keep your Project Clean

Renovations can be loud, dirty and down right uncomfortable.  Thankfully they don’t have to be!!  Every good contractor in York Region and the greater Toronto area should be able to take several steps to ensure the discomfort is minimal.  Here are a few things that can be done.  Manage work times – It may sound Read more about 5 Renovation Tips to keep your Project Clean[…]