5 Renovation Tips to keep your Project Clean

Renovations can be loud, dirty and down right uncomfortable.  Thankfully they don’t have to be!!  Every good contractor in York Region and the greater Toronto area should be able to take several steps to ensure the discomfort is minimal.  Here are a few things that can be done.

  1.  Manage work times – It may sound obvious, but not all contractors consider the clients schedule and needs.  For example, if you work the late shift and don’t get to bed till midnight, perhaps you don’t want to hear saws and hammers at 7am.  Sounds like it might make more sense to adjust the construction schedule accordingly – you know, instead of a 7am – 4pm day, the contractor should do a 9am – 6pm day.  This small change allows you to get your sleep and makes a huge difference in the working relationship.
  2. Poly and Painters Tape are friends!! – Poly is essentially plastic sheeting.  A good York Region contractor will have plenty on hand to isolate the project area from the rest of the house.  The painters tape creates a seal without damaging the finished walls.  This will dramatically reduce and limit the amount of dust escaping the construction zone.  Please remember, this helps, but does not totally eliminate additional dust from entering your home.
  3. Protect the Ducts (not the Ducks!) – More than 90% of homes in York Region use forced air systems to circulate warm or cold air through the home.  These systems will also carry dust and dirt bits from a construction zone to the living zone.  Before the project begins, it’s a great idea to seal off the ducts in the construction zone (when possible).  And when the project is complete, it’s also a great idea to replace your furnace air filter (and monitor it during the project).
  4. Use runners (not the shoe!) – The use of construction runners to get to and from a project area will help minimize the wear on the rest of your home.  This also allows the contractor quick access to the project (especially when carrying materials in and garbage out!!).
  5. Clean Up!! – Yes, this sounds obvious, but not all contractors do it.  Taking 10 minutes at the end of every day to clean the site can make a huge difference in overall cleanliness and job quality.

These are just a few tips that a great contractor in Newmarket, Aurora and the GTA will use to make your project a success!!