4 things to consider with a new deck

The snow is gone, the trees are budding.  The temperatures are warm and the flowers are blooming.  That’s right, it’s deck season!  But wait a minute, did all that cold and snow cover up your old rotting deck?  Or perhaps it was simply too small – held a bbq and you and nothing more?  Or maybe you don’t have one at all.  Well, a new deck is definitely something you need to consider.  Getting outside, enjoying the weather, the fresh air and good times with friends.  But what should you consider with the new deck?  Well wonder no more.  Here are 4 things to consider with a new deck.

  1. Size.  Before anything else you need to determine a good size for your new deck.  What do you want to put on it?  How many people?  Do you like to cut grass or have a garden?  How does it fit with the use of the rest of the backyard?  A good thing to do is grab a can of spray paint and paint out the new size on your grass so you get a good feel for it.
  2. Materials.  Treated, Cedar, Composite?  Which choice is best for you?  Each hits a different price point and each has different pros and cons.  It’s worth taking a minute to head to the hardware store and feel the difference OR have your contractor bring you some samples.  There is nothing like feeling the difference.
  3. Railing style.  Wood pickets, glass panels, Composite or a mix?  Well, it all depends on a couple things.  do you back onto green space?  if so, you may want something that you can easily see through.  If you are  backing onto other neighbours, then maybe something that provides a little more privacy is for you.  Our suggestion, hit the internet and start looking at different styles to find the one you like best.
  4. Direction of the deck boards.  Seems like a small thing, but changing the direction of the deck boards can dramatically change the overall look and feel of the deck Wether its across the back, running away from the house or even diagonal, each style will render a different look.