3 Do’s and Do Not’s in Case of a Property Insurance Claim

So we are in the midst of an abundance of rainfall in the greater Toronto area.  And what usually happens when we get a month of rain in 24 hours?  You guessed it, flooding.  Wet stinky basements are often around the corner.  If you should happen to fall victim to this tragedy, there are a few do’s and do nots you need to know.



  1. Notify your insurance company
  2. Try to secure the space and try to prevent further damage to your belongings
  3. begin to make a list of damaged goods


  1. Begin repairs until your insurance company has seen the damage and given the go ahead
  2. Throw things away.  To make a proper claim, your insurance adjuster will need to see the damaged good.
  3. Assume you must use the insurance companies contractor.  You have the choice of contractor and can call someone you trust (like us, just saying).