Choosing a Countertop Installer

One of the most important choices for your kitchen renovation is countertops.  Concrete, Marble, Granite, Quartz… the list goes on.  Each one with it’s pro’s and con’s.  Each with it’s own unique style and look.  But regardless of which material you select, your installer will make or break your countertop.  One thing every good installer will do is pay attention to the pattern.  What can the installer do about the pattern you ask?  Well, it’s quite simple.  Your countertop originated as a giant slab of stone.  The installer will measure your kitchen and then cut the giant slab to fit in your space (unless you want a 1 ton island).  A good installer will come up with a fabrication plan so that your pattern is fluid throughout.  They will make sure that the pattern on the countertop wraps onto the nosing properly.  The same is you are doing a backsplash out of the same material.  The pattern will continue onto the backsplash like it was on a drawing the is simply folded.  This is an example of a terrible pattern.

This is an obvious example where the pattern is completely different on each side of the seam.  It almost looks like two different pieces of granite!

While this is a great example of a countertop where the pattern flows through the the top to the backsplash.  The lines run in the same direction and the shades are identical.

Great example of a pattern flowing seamlessly through a seam into the backsplash.